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Retrofit Coordination

The responsibility of a Retrofit Coordinator is to identify, assess, and oversee the technical and procedural risks that are frequent in household retrofit projects. It includes ensuring that energy efficiency measures are designed, specified, monitored, and evaluated after installation according to PAS 2035:2019.

Responsibilities of a Retrofit Coordinator:

Retrofit Coordination

Retrofit Coordinators must categorize domestic retrofit projects as low, medium or high-risk depending on the measures proposed, the building’s construction design (including existing materials), and whether the building or location has any historical significance to meet the minimum requirements defined in PAS 2035:2019.a

TheRetrofit has a team of Trustmark-registered Retrofit Coordinators to manage your Projects from start to finish.


Retrofit Coordinator is a qualified professional with a registered certification body to design the sequence of installation sequence, advice, and oversee the project from start to finish.

The retrofit coordinator checks the assessment advice about the upgrade requirements before the installation, provides the installation design, and after the installation, register the property installation with Trustmark.

The retrofit coordinator also provides the medium-term improvement plan to the occupants; it includes the step-by-step guide to improve the Property’s energy efficiency.

The retrofit provides the retrofit coordination service to the Homeowners, tenants, and landlords to improve their properties UK wide.

A retrofit coordinator charges around £249, which includes the initial advice, medium-term improvement plan and registration of the work to Trustmark.