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Retrofit Assessment

The first step to improving a property's energy efficiency is by conducting an accurate retrofit assessment. This will help you find out how much of your home or business operates on electricity, what kind it is (on-site vs off) as well as who lives there now and if they're willing participants in this process!

Retrofit Coordination

The retrofit coordinator is the second step in completing your project without any unwanted consequences. The person who plans and designs will guide you through every detail, making sure that everything goes according to plan - even if it means some small changes or adjustments along the way!

Retrofit Project Management

The third step in the process is retrofit project management. This involves managing sequence installation and registering warranties after completing a job, as well ensuring guarantees products are installed properly by following all guidelines set forth during each stage of construction


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Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in the Retrofit industry . We take care to assess your property, plan for its energy efficiency and installation as well as coordinate all aspects from the start-to finish so you can have peace during construction without worrying about anything else. 

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Why We Do

As the UK works towards meeting its commitment to net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 25-30 years, all homes must take action. The Homeowner should be encouraged and supported by their council if they want better insulation for lower energy bills or an efficient heating system so that money can go towards protecting our planet from environmental impacts like climate change!

What We Do

The Retrofit provides services from assessment to complete project management to improve the Property’s energy efficiency. 

If you’ve been confused by the conflicting advice on home heating, you’re not alone. With so much information – and misinformation – out there, it can be hard to know what’s best for your home. However, a new website is here to help. The Retrofit Advisors is an independent site that provides tailored home heating recommendations based on your specific needs and situation. Whether you’re looking to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, or stay warm this winter, The Retrofit Advisors can help you find the right solution.

conducting an accurate retrofit assessment can help you identify opportunities for improvement that will make your home or business more energy-efficient.

The Retrofit Coordinator plans and designs the installation of new equipment to make sure it’s done right without any unforeseen issues.

When a project is complete, the third step is ensuring that all of your hard work pays off and you get what’s yours. You need to register warranties for any products installed on-site or shipped out with copies sent over ASAP so they can’t be used later down the line if something goes wrong – which it probably will since there are always people trying new things at home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Retrofit

Retrofit property means that the Property was built with minimum or no Insulation to save Heat loss. Retrofitted Properties lose less Heat than the un-insulated Property because of increased Insulation resistance.

Heat Save in the Property helps reduce the demand for Heat; reduction in the Heat demand helps save money on the Energy Bills.

Timing depends on the Project and disruption level, from a few seconds to months of hard work and stress.

Retrofitting is a widely used term from replacing a light bulb to 

Energy Efficient Light Bulb, Internal Wall Insulation, External Wall Insulation, Floor Insulation (suspended /solid), Loft Insulation or replacing the complete Heating system with increasing the comfort and saving the money on Energy. 

Retrofitting a Home means adding something new to the old built Property, i.e., adding Insulation to the walls or replacing the Heating system compatible with the building.

House retrofitting is a complex task and hard to understand; it involves many different trades to work simultaneously to achieve better results. The retrofit Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and planning the installation sequence to avoid unintended consequences.


Firstly Plan: Planning is the foremost important task before starting any Project; the same rules apply with the retrofit Home Project including the Finances, sequence of the installation to complete, or part retrofitting a Project.


Retrofit Assessment: After the planning, the second step is to arrange a qualified building Professional” Retrofit Assessor” to complete the full property assessment, including 

  • Energy Performance Certificate 
  • Property Condition Report 
  • Occupancy Assessment

A complete assessment helps the retrofit coordinator design and highlight upgrade requirements before installing the Insulation measure.


Ventilation: Retrofit Assessment report includes evidence of the current ventilation to check if an upgrade is required to minimize the risks of dampness and mould in the Property.

Ventilation upgrade may include 

  • Extract Ventilation 
  • Background ventilation / Trickle Ventilation 
  • Internal Doors adequate undercuts

Retrofit Design: 

The retrofit coordinator oversees the Project from start to finish and provides the Project’s design. The retrofit design highlights the critical steps, instructions to the installers to upgrade the ventilation and avoid the unintended consequences of the Property.



The retrofit installers follow the retrofit design prepared by the retrofit coordinator.

After the installation is complete, the retrofit installer provides the evidence to check and sign off the Project. 


Handover (Guarantees / Warranties)

At the Handover retrofit coordinator check the compliance, occupants have received the operating instruction & user manuals, all the work completed is compliant with the building regulations and Trustmark guidelines. 

If the work is up to the standard, the retrofit coordinator registers the completed work and provides the Trustmark certificate. The Trustmark certificate is a peace of mind for homeowners whose work complies with the building regulation guidelines.